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Client testimonial

We telephoned Mike during the day for him to come and talk to us about providing our new kitchen. Mike came around to our house that evening to discuss the project and provide information to us in relation to how he works and what he would provide. From that moment we trusted Mike and realised that he was the right person to project manage our kitchen for us.

We needed someone who would take the pressure off us in respect of co-ordinating everything. We wanted one person to deal with the plumbers, electricians and decorators instead of us having to deal with each contractor directly ourselves. We also needed a lot of building work doing as well in our kitchen so co-ordination of this project was vital. This was promised by Mike and he delivered. All the people he contracted for our project were polite, as clean and tidy as they possibly could be in the circumstances and the work was carried out to a very high standard.

Mike also designed our kitchen taking into account all of our needs and wants that were discussed at our first meeting. He provided ideas that we hadn’t thought of for example we said that we would like an area to eat in the kitchen but due to the width of our kitchen we didn’t know whether that was possible. We also stated that it would be lovely to have an island in our new kitchen but again we were not sure whether we had sufficient width for this to work. Mike cleverly came up with the idea of a breakfast bar on one wall that which could really be considered as a half island. He also built a book case which had a built in space for a television that we also wanted in our new kitchen. This was a perfect solution to us as we now have an area to eat in our kitchen without having to have a kitchen table and chairs in the centre of the room and also it included a space to display our cookery books and a place for our television. This is one of many favourite parts of our kitchen.

We have to say that refurbishing the kitchen is a horrible job as it is the heart of any home and to be without cooking and dish washing facilities during the project was certainly not the nice part of getting a new kitchen. What is the nice part is to have at the end of the project the most fantastic room in the house and the kitchen of our dreams.

Thank you Mike”

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