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Client testimonial

It was a referral by a friend that sent us to Continental Kitchens in the first place. While the quotation we eventually accepted from Mike Law was not the cheapest we obtained, it was by no means the dearest. However, almost more importantly than the cost, the several conversations that we had with him before reaching our decision led us to conclude that he was the one who certainly “knows his stuff”.

He was prepared to discuss at length the merits of the various products and how they might best be fitted to ensure that we would be well satisfied with the end result. So it proved as the work progressed – always aiming to minimise the disruption about the house, with excellent attention to detail (even accepting the odd change with good grace to humour the client!) and including the timely interaction of the different contractors he calls upon for plumbing, electrics, plastering etc (most known to him for several years).

We are absolutely delighted with our “new” kitchen and would certainly recommend Mike, his team and the quality of their work.

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